iOS7: between the confusion and enthusiasm


How did the world of tech & digital react to the latest mobile OS by Apple

One month after the official launch, the iOS7 still remains in the centre of the mobile buzz. In the first few days social media were flooded: 7 million tweets and 500,000 images on Instagram were tagged #iOS7 during the first 48 hours.[1] Today, the numbers show a very high adoption rate: 68,3 % according to iOS7 Usage Monitor by, a 10 % more than the iOS6 in the same time span. Even though initially the positive comments seemed to be dominating, negative comments are slowly prevailing.

The “biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone”  turned out to be a great disappointment for many Apple fans. The confused users bombed the Web with questions about the new features, and the response was immediate. All the major blogs and websites dedicated to mobile & digital culture published a numerous “guides”, “Pros & Cons”,  “Tips & Tricks” etc.

We have selected some of the most interesting articles, in case you still have some doubts regarding the iOS7 be sure to read them, we’re sure they’ll help you debug them and discover new exciting features.

After a long surf on all the major tech websites and blogs, and hundreds of comments read, we have selected some of the most interesting ones, ranging from aggrieved and angry to enthusiastic deific praise.

Are you among them?



[1] Apple Users Sent 7 Million iOS 7 Tweets in Two Days by Mashable