Our company is undergoing the important Lean & Agile change and we would like to present the teams driving this change – meet Luisa Porso and Luigino Ianni, Neomobile’s POs [Video]

The role of a product owner is crucial in every agile team. They are responsible for the success of the product, and to do so they must understand perfectly the customer needs and the business goals, while collaborating closely with the development team and all the stakeholders. Their main duties are related to describing, prioritizing, and communicating the requirements and answer all the questions that might appear during the process. As defined by the scrumalliance.org, “the product owner should express what value-added is from a customer perspectives and focus the development efforts toward providing that value”.

The POs are people with great communication skills that have trust by the entire team, and are highly motivated to bring project to success. We talked with our POs, Luisa Porso and Luigino Ianni, about Agile and how did it change their work, about the skills a good PO must have and the biggest challenges of their daily work.

Meet Neomobile’s POs, Luisa and Luigino