Mobile Gaming Momentum – Neomobile’s immersion in the world of HTML5 games


As gaming becomes a fastest-growing usage category of mobile, Neomobile bets on gaming apps powered by HTML5 and cloud technologies.

Mobile technology is, without a doubt, dominating the global digital landscape. Mobile device has long ago overcome its main purpose, as it became a portable hub, replacing at least 10 other gadgets. Many sectors have been profoundly changed with mobile, and one of the industries that felt very strong impact with the arrival of smartphones and tablets is gaming sector.

In a recent report by market researcher Newzoo, interesting data emerged: the global games market will reach $70.4 billion in revenues in 2013, a 6% growth compared to 2012, with an expected growth of $86.1 billion by 2016[1]. This growth will come mainly from Asia Pacific and LatAm. It is very curious to notice that the fastest-growing category will be smartphones/tablets, with 35 % growth, to $12.3 billion.

newzoo-games market


As the gaming industry shifts its focus from computers and consoles to mobile devices, the demand for new games rises, as each smart device owner becomes a gamer: the number of gamers will reach 1,55 billion this year.[2] The availability of these new gaming devices, broad-band coverage, the screen size and new business models are influencing the gaming expansion.

Mobile games are becoming an increasingly important component of the global industry and currently account for 33% of all app downloads and an impressive 66% of all app revenue[2]. They are also the most time consuming: 32% of our time on mobile we spend playing games, far ahead of browsing (20%) and Facebook (18 %)[3].

The advancing of HTML5 mobile gaming is rising to a whole new level. Exciting new visual and UI features, and gameplay simplification are transforming smartphone owners into avid gamers. Tech giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla are pushing the HTML5[4], which will probably lead to overtaking Flash for browser-based gaming and maybe even PC gaming. The true potential of HTML5 is its multiplatform development – the possibility to develop games for different devices with a single code base.[5] This is why many companies, from indie developers to top players are turning to HTML5.

Neomobile is carefully following the games development sector, especially HTML5 and cloud technology, and our passion for mobile innovation makes it natural to develop partnerships with the area experts. The long and fruitful collaboration between our company and Boostermedia, world’s leading HTML5 games distribution company, is now upgraded with Neomobile’s stake investment into Dutch company.

Our expertise in creation inter-connected mobile content ecosystem that combines mobile advertising and one-click purchasing, united with Boostermedia’s gaming competence will soon bring new and exciting freemium and premium products. For more information on this investment a press release is available in our corporate website

In the meantime check out the evolution of mobile gaming in our new infographic!




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