Essential tips & tricks for an effective tweet 

At first glance 140 characters could seem insufficient, but once emerged into the world of social media you realize they give the endless possibilities. If you have some basic skills of course!

So where to start? Above all dedicate some time to your tweet: each good project initiates with a good idea, so you need to think your message well. Find the right keywords that convey the essence of your message and with the right call-to-action you’ll grab the readers attention. Weather you ask a question, invite to react or simply offer a key point that needs to be analyzed further, be sure to provide a functioning link, to connect your tweet with the content. The linking should be flawless since it’s the essential web operation, to quote George Siemens,

“Connecting and communicating – the purpose of the Internet.”

Check out Tips & Tricks for the perfect Tweet in our new infographic.



How To Create A Perfect Tweet Tweet!

A Perfect Tweet: avoid capitalizing words, unless you want to look as if you’re shouting Tweet!

A Perfect Tweet: link your tweet to a source but make sure it’s worth a click Tweet!

A Perfect Tweet: use link shortening services [ or] to create better looking links Tweet!


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