Neomobile and Codemotion hosted the Hackathon focused on overcoming the disabilities by creating mobile apps, software and hardware that can improve life for the visually impaired

The Hackathon entirely dedicated to the assistive technology that can help people with disabilities took place last weekend in Neomobile HQ in Rome, organized in collaboration with Codemotion. Today’s technology has numerous resources that can meet many challenges, and allow people with handicaps become more independent, productive, integrated and included in their communities.

This is why we’ve gathered over 50 tech enthusiasts, developers, engineers, makers, designers and start-uppers, who competed in 5 challenges: entertainment, home automation, push notification, social networking, and mobility. In just 48 hours the teams created Android apps, games, devices integrated with hypothetical wearables, and an interactTV.

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The winner was the FEARR group, 5 young students and newly graduates from, who met at the event and focused their skills as developers and makers on an analogic touchpad. Our guest Vincenzo La Francesca, from The Italian Union of Visually Impaired, underlined that he “appreciated the simplicity of this project, it’s ready to use, functional”. The first prize were 5 tickets for the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, while the second and third place went to “Cubotteam group” and “Accessible Pixel”, who won 6 Brainwave kits and 6 UDOO cards.

This event was an exciting experience, a crazy, and exhausting event, boosted with energy and creativity, that proved once again how teams of tech enthusiasts can create something amazing and very useful in just 48 hours.

Neomobile would like to thank all the participants and to wish them the best of luck in all of their future projects!

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