My Google Glass Experience


Interview with Neomobile COO, Claudio Rossi after Google Zeitgeist 2013

Neomobile COO Claudio Rossi trying out Google Glass
Neomobile COO Claudio Rossi trying out Google Glass

The first thought that came in your mind after pronouncing “OK Glass”?

[quote_box_center]First thing I thought was “Wow! This is unreal”. It revived the feeling I had as a boy when I played a video game or used a PC for the first time. The most fascinating moment is when you realize that what you actually see is a projection in the right corner of your field of vision, transparent but very clear, that feels very natural, without disturbing your sight.[/quote_box_center]

What was the first Google Glass feature you used?


Well it was “Search”, my first query was Neomobile of course, and it was a great experience to navigate our web site through Glass. Then I had to try to take a picture and video, and it was by all means a truly remarkable experience, including Hang-Out, which allows a whole new perspective: you can

see the world from someone else’s point of view – the first few moments I had a feeling I was staring in a Sci-Fi movie. Here you must realise the incredible possibilities that Glass offers, through the world of Google: cloud storage, navigation, information discovery, sharing and so on.


Would you say its interface is user friendly?

[quote_box_center]Absolutely! It is very intuitive, since it is guided by voice, with simple tap and scroll commands, which will surely allow its appliance in many important areas, for example education and medicine.  Few days ago a first surgical procedure was streamed live to a Hang Out through Glass wore by the surgeons, in the US but also here in Italy – that’s great, isn’t it?[/quote_box_center]

The first big issue surrounding Glass is the potential privacy breach. Do you think this will somehow limit its usage or the app development?

[quote_box_center]The information that we share on line on our social media channels are no longer private, so if there is a face recognition app that manages to match a picture with available information you provided on the web, I don’t find it illegal. And I’d be the first one to download it, since sometimes I have problems remembering names (laughs).[/quote_box_center]

 What influence will have the augmented reality on the world of mobile entertainment and shopping?

[quote_box_center]Glass is designed to be used every day, and I think it will surely improve the way we engage in digital entertainment and payment. The mobile shopping will be more spontaneous, for example while walking the street you see the poster promoting the concert of your favourite artist, you can get all the information through Glass as you pass buy, and buy tickets instantly – we’ll be able to discover, decide and purchase in a glimpse of an eye.[/quote_box_center]

Hi-Tech gadget for the elite or the mainstream phenomena – what is the future of Glass?


At the moment its price tag will surely prevent it of becoming a mainstream gadget. I think the mobile will maintain its dominance for at least next 5 year, but we should talk again on this matter soon. To begin with everyone should live this amazing experience. You read about it and you think it’s incredible. You try it and you see the world from a whole new perspective. Then you realize that it is beginning of the new technological revolution. I’m excited to be a part of it as we eagerly await more news from Google.