Neomobile’s CTO Pietro Tricarico talks about the importance of Big Data in today’s business strategies and the recent collaboration between Neomobile and Noovle, the ICT and Cloud consulting company

Neomobile is a leading mobile commerce company in the expanding mobile ecosystem, and as such it needs to constantly improve its technological infrastructure. The company has developed technologies to monetize digital products and services through carrier billing, where the key success factor is the real time monitoring of the main business processes: customer acquisition, activation and deactivation, and of course the billing.

The collaboration with Noovle brought major improvement in this field, thanks to Google App Engine‘s scalability that collects and processes a high volumes of data and events. Furthermore, the system forwards data to different external systems (Google Analytics, BigQuery, etc) for the purpose of reporting or server-to-server integration with third parties, processing over 40 million events per day, and growing.

As confirmed by Neomobile’s CTO Pietro Tricarico, Google Cloud enables timely and effective decisions in real time, which is fundamental for companies like Neomobile. Regarding the collaboration with Noovle Pietro stated: “Noovle is a recognized partner at the national level. We shared the vision and needs, and we are definitely on the same wave length. When a partner is a technology expert and knows how to present the product, the sparks fly immediately.”

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