France 2014 and beyond: key digital market trends


The outline of French mobile economy, one of the biggest and most advanced digital markets in Europe and the profile of local connected consumer

Advanced mobile connectivity on the rise

As the fifth largest economy in the world and the second largest consumer market in Europe with 65 million inhabitants, the dynamic French economy is strongly leaning on the technological development. In September last year, France’s president François Hollande presented a 10-year plan aiming to support new developments and opportunities in 34 growth sectors, including several telecoms and technology-related areas, such as competitiveness of the telecom industry, the development of ultra-high-speed networks such as 5G, the Internet of Things, and connected devices[1].

Furthermore, France is one of the 15 countries worldwide to see more than half their populations adopt smartphones before 2015, boosting not only the mobile device sales, but also the media usage, m-commerce and marketing. [2]

When it comes to subscriptions, the latest research by ARCEP brings very interesting data: as of June 2014, there were 25.4 million broadband and superfast broadband subscriptions, with the annual growth remaining consistently high, at around 4%. The positive outcome of this advanced broadband adoption is the increased user demand for the quality mobile content and of course the increase of the data traffic: +88.9% on the year as of Q2 2014. The ARCEP analysis underlines incredible increase in the number of customers who have used a 4G mobile system, going from 3.7 million in Q1 2014 up to 5.5 million in the second quarter of the year, i.e. 1.8 million additional users[3].

Let’s take a closer look at the mobile user behavior in France.


Profile of the connected user

French mobile market is dominated by Android devices, which account for 76% of the market share, followed by iOS with just over 12 %.[4] Users connect to the internet via mobile a little less than one hour each day, mostly for entertainment, like browsing, listening to music or gaming. Communicating, via email and social media, and searching for information are also among the top activities. Furthermore, the average user has 32 apps installed, 4 of them are paid and in the last 30 days he/she actively used just 12 of them.

When it comes to mobile shopping trends, 74 % of users have searched a product or service via mobile device, while 26% of smartphone users have completed a purchase on their smartphone. Smartphone shoppers in France are also the frequent buyers: 45% make mobile purchases at least once a month.[5]

The value of mobile sales is also on the rise: transactions carried out on smartphones and tablets, or via a mobile site or app, but excluding app downloads jumped by 52% in the year to June 2014, according to FEVAD.[6]

The recent research by RetailMeNot. Inc. [7] found that growth of e-commerce today is largely driven by increased activity on the mobile, as concluded by Giulio Montemagno, company’s Senior Vice President,

the future market development in France will largely depend on capacity of merchants to adapt to new consumer demands by offering sites for the mobile devices and secure payment solutions.

Neomobile in France

With local market presence since 2009, thanks to industry know-how and expertise, Neomobile became a monetization leader in France, building relationships with local developers, merchants and operators and guiding them through the process of monetizing their content across a wide variety of mobile devices.

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