5 simple rules to protect your online data


Discover how to remain one step ahead of cyber criminals in our latest infographic

With little help from Wikipedia we can learn a new word today, Exabyte: a multiple of the unit byte for digital information; the prefix exa indicates the sixth power of 1,000 and means 1018 in the International System of Units. Therefore, 1 EB = 1000000000000000000 B = 1018 bytes = 1000 petabytes = 1 billion gigabytes. Makes your head spin, right?

Did you know that humanity produces 1200 Exabytes of data a year[1]?

The online data makes the world go around: just think of all governmental institutions and their bureaucracy, banking systems, health and educational system, corporations and private businesses all the way to social media and your vacation photos. Unfortunately, the society is not the only one that became digital: in the last 10 years the cybercrimes saw an incredible rise, putting in jeopardy the online data, that has both physical and emotional value. Personal information such as name, email address, or credit card info is the easiest one to hack, which is just the first step toward serious crimes: identity theft, hate crimes, credit card account thefts etc.

With the growth of the online data, grows the need to protect it: recent data shows that global Cyber Security market is expected to skyrocket to $120.1 billion[2], a number that shouldn’t surprise us given the fact that each day there are 1,5 millions of cybercrime victims, including over 600 000 Facebook accounts compromised.

So how can we protect ourselves? We have created a checklist for you with 5 simple steps that can hopefully prevent you from becoming one of these victims.

Stay safe and be sure to share these tips: it’s better to be safe than sorry!




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Did you know that each day there are 1,5 millions of cybercrime victims? Online protection tips! Tweet!

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