FIFA World Cup 2014 – the epic social buzz


How a sporting event became the most important global happening in the social media history

The World Cup 2014 will be remembered as one of the biggest sporting events on a global level that gave us a month of exciting games, expected and unexpected victories and loses, moments of glory, passion and delusion. But, it has also been the biggest media event in history, with over 1 billion posts, tweets and likes across social media channels: an epic global social buzz! To get a clearer picture: remember the social boom of the selfie that Ellen DeGeneres took at the Oscars earlier this year? Well, the 2014 World Cup social conversations exceeded Oscars, Olympics and Super Bowl combined!

Let’s take a closer look at its social influence and some of the most curious statistics.

2014 World Cup was surely the most technologically advanced sporting event of the year, not only on the field but also in front of the screens: TVs and mobile devices. The global audience was a connected audience, as the 74.2% of viewers were active on social media during matches, posting updates on Facebook (48,2 %) and Twitter  (39,8%)[1].

Of course, the most shocking matches created the “loudest” social conversation: the German 7 -1 win over Brazil, holds the record with the incredible 35,6 million tweets sent during the game. The second place goes to the finals Germany Vs. Argentina with 32,1 million tweets. Check out the other moments that generated the biggest peaks of Twitter conversation[2]:


The victory of the Germany was celebrated through all social channels, just to mention the photograph of the team with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel that received more than 400,000 “likes” on Facebook and Instagram.



How did Neomobile cheer on Social media?

Neomobile has also joined the social buzz during the World Cup through our Twitter and Facebook page. As an international company, with offices in Italy, France, Spain, UK, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and also Germany among others, we have football fans for almost all teams that participated, but we have to admit: the most passionate ones are our colleagues from Brazil, Mexico and Colombia!

neomobile mexico neomobile brazil

Check out all the photos on our Facebook page: Neomobile Brazil, Neomobile Mexico and Neomobile Colombia!


Check out more interesting data on the extraordinary and massive social conversation generated during the World Cup in our latest infographic!