Neomobile takes a look at the world’s first simulation of a collaborative and connected smart city being held at Expo Milano 2015.

Expo Milano 2015 is a universal exposition hosted in Milan, Italy from May 1 – October 31, 2015 where over 140 countries will be showing off their top tech solutions for maintaining a healthy, safe, and sufficient culture for agriculture and nutrition.

Cisco and Telecom Italia have partnered to create a state of the art and innovative network infrastructure that will support all the needs, activities, solutions and services for the partners collaborating at the event. It will also be the first demonstration of an event using a full IP on a global scale. In other words: the event will be completely connected and integrated to an IP network.

The exposition will be presented as a digital smart city that will implement the latest in digital technology and solutions, allowing visitors to experience a simulation of what a connected city can offer an experience like no other in history. Visitors will be able to interact digitally with their surroundings using their mobile devices, experience augmented reality, and use the new innovative technology to receive info, prepare their visit and share their experience at the expo.

The partnership between Cisco and Expo Milano 2015 is based on a strong intent, and strategic focus on a tech vision, to convert the location into a model of a Digital Smart City of the Future: a community with low environmental impact, with high visibility, that is able to develop its sustainability for both the economy and society as a whole.

What to expect at the Expo Milano 2015

The latest communication tools start being used the minute you arrive at the airport where visitors can see Expo screens that offer downloadable content and payment methods for tickets using mobile devices. There will be a dedicated Cloud platform & network services that will allow visitors to manage activities throughout the experience. Once the internet connection is accessed at the airport, you will remain connected within the entire city.

There will also be new innovative tools utilizing interactive technology for visitors who will be touring the city of Milan. Visitors will be able to access all trains and be able to book and pay for a taxi using the NFC technology.

This 360 degree infrastructure of apps and services developed by Cisco for Expo will allow visitors to fully experience what it means to be a part of an intelligent community.nfc-payment-expo-milano-2015-digital-city-blog

The ‘Future Food District’ at Expo Milano 2015


This pavilion is highly interactive and is divided into 3 pavilions: Supermarket, kitchen and Main Square. The supermarket visitors can enjoy a shopping experience via flat screens, displays and interactive tables. These interactive screens guide visitors through the food selection process offering info about nutritional value and recipe ideas.

The kitchen pavilion allows visitors to experiment new ways of preparing food and the main square that connects the two pavilions is designed for interacting and exchanging ideas with others.

What Expo Milano 2015 Will Integrate

The infrastructure will support both wired and wireless communication tools which are fundamental for visitors to get the full experience of the exposition, including communication tools using both audio and video that use a unified HCS Cloud solution.

There will be many smart city solutions will make the city of Milan interactive, as well as the Expo. One of the notable gadgets are the tech glasses that connect directly to your smartphone once you enter the Expo.  These glasses will offer advice on personalized activities and geo-local services and content on a secure network. There will also be a guaranteed connection for all exhibit participants.

Cisco’s mission is to create technology that is able to change the way we work, live, spend our free time and learn. At Expo Milano 2015 visitors will be able to experiment with future technology in today’s present world.

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