Massimiliano Silenzi, featured as a guest writer on influential online publication, Your Better Business

Online publication, Your Better Business, features Massimiliano Silenzi, as he gives an expert overview on the evolution of online transactions in the m-commerce world.

Your Better Business is an online platform where the experts from different areas related to business and technology share information on the latest best practice models, give business advice and talk about the role technology is playing in the global economy.

Make sure you check out Silenzi’s article for an insider perspective on today’s world of mobile payments, monetisation opportunities for businesses, and his expert opinion about mobile commerce.



Excerpt from article


The term “Mobile Commerce” was first coined by Kevin Duffey, Logica’s mobile innovation managing consultant in 1997.  He defined it as “the delivery of electronic commerce capabilities directly into the consumer’s hand, anywhere, via wireless technology.”  This definition still stands today but I’m not sure many would have imagined the huge scale at which it was adopted.

According to Adobe, almost 1 in 3 purchases that were made in the US during the recent Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday occurred over mobile commerce.  In the UK over one quarter of all online sales take place via smartphones and tablets and by 2018 this figure is expected to grow to nearly two in five sales.


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*Editor’s note: the article’s author has been Neomobile employee until 2015