The strength of our company is our diversity, our unique experiences and perspectives: meet some of our team members and discover why Neomobile is such an inspiring and attractive workplace

For a company operating globally one of the fundamental success factors is understanding the dynamics of the multicultural world and the market. This is why Neomobile has an inclusive culture that values people, their backgrounds, ideas and opinions, both in our own teams and those of our clients, partners and stakeholders.

The environment based on dialogue and constant feedback encourages sharing, not only related to on-going work projects but also our previous professional experiences, skills and talents we have, our ideas and passions. We believe that a team can give its best and deliver quality and innovative ideas only with the constant dialogue and sharing.

Neomobile’s team is made out of people from all over the globe, with different and exciting personal and professional backgrounds, and in our offices you can hear numerous languages, from English to Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. We confirm through our day-by-day work that our differences are our strengths.

We partnered recently with Whatchado, an innovative career orientation platform, because we feel that their innovative approach can help us tell our stories through carefully chosen questions, not only related to job and career, but they also focus on private background and personal life experience that will allow you to get to know us better. Some of the questions are 3 pieces of advice for your 14-year-old self, what’s your job about, what are the limitations of your job, what’s your background and could someone with a different background do your job.

Through these questions you can meet our team and get a closer look into their experience, background, but also personalities and passions.

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