Discovering the new mobile horizons: Turkey


Exploration of the digital landscape in Turkey must begin by understanding a wider historical and economic context. Turkey is considered to be the world’s 15th and Europe’s 6th biggest economy, with the strong growth rate: the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) predicts that Turkey will overtake India as the second-fastest growing economy by 2017, and become the second-largest economy in Europe by 2050.[1]

Like many emerging economies, Turkey relies on its dynamic population growth, where one-quarter of its residents are less than 15 years of age, while just 6 % are over 65 in a population of 72 million.[2]  The consumption of the digital media is highly influenced by broadband internet coverage and the widespread adoption of connected devices, especially among the younger population. Websites dedicated to social networking and entertainment purposes are most popular, considering the number of unique visitors.

Furthermore, Turkish information and communication technologies (ICT) market is one of the fastest growing in Europe: this growth is owed to the innovative governmental projects, such as E-transformation and Mobile Government that gave a tremendous boost to the telecoms market.[3]

This brief overview helps us to understand why mobile has become the leading web trend in Turkey, followed by on line gaming, e-commerce, social shopping and alternative payment systems.[4] With innovation as the top priority, the carriers are adapting to the expansion of smart devices, increasing the quality of the products and services offered.

In this highly competitive market, being recognized as the Best Mobile Payment Service means confirmation of the winning strategy: development of the state of the art technology, while listening carefully to the market demands. This is how Turkcell’s Smart Ticket was created: innovative technology shaped by the user needs. Neomobile’s mobile payment expertise and Turkcell’s Smart Ticket application, joined forces to create the best user experience for the football fans, enabling the seamless purchase of match tickets via mobile device. The smart ticket mobile payment technology is finding its application in movie theaters  concerts and even public transportation: innovation that inspires innovation.

The young population is the main reason why Turkey is very responsive to technological novelties, making it one of the front-runners of the mobile revolution. And Neomobile is proud to be a part of it, as a confirmed Silver Partner of the Turkish Telco giant Turkcell.


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