New research by PayPal, “Digital Goods Economy Survey”, brings interesting insights into digital goods consumption, payment methods, and devices on a global level

The first report in the series published in November 2016 and entitled “Digital Media Consumers – Cross-country Trends”, provides an insight into the attitudes, habits and behaviors of the digital media consumer in 2 media segments: digital gaming and eBooks. The study, conducted in collaboration with SuperData Research involved over 10 000 users from 10 countries: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, UK and the U.S.

The report indicates the purchase intent in key verticals, consumption and spending patterns, the main piracy issues and the demographic nuances of age, gender, and region.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key findings:

Digital game spending averages 3.4 times higher than eBook spending in all markets, due to the $60 price of many PC and console games

Readers in Germany, France and Spain pay over $13 monthly on eBooks

Console gamers generally spend more than mobile and computer players, since they are heavily focused on high-priced AAA games*, driving up average spending

Despite mobile games’ popularity and portability, the living room and bedroom are the most popular places to play

68% of Millennials who buy digital media watch videos about games, such as trailers, humorous videos and live streams on sites like Twitch: video is becoming a crucial medium for companies looking to reach young, tech-savvy viewers

92% share of EU computer gamers who prefer PayPal because it is easy to use and secure, but Russian players are more interested in a payment method offering discounts (42%) than security or speed


In the words of Melissa O’Malley, Director, Global Initiatives at PayPal, “The new digital economies that have emerged in the entertainment industry have changed everything from where content is consumed to consumer marketing to how the content creators themselves are monetizing their work”, while stressing out the importance of PayPal in facilitating, securing and simplifying the transaction for merchants and customers.

Finally, it is very interesting to notice the intersection of different mediums, such as gaming and video, that is encouraging the live streaming and production of new content. In a recent insight for, John Davison puts Participatory Streaming as one of the biggest gaming trends for 2017, which could possibly revolutionize the way games as conceived and played[1].

If you’re interested in exploring the results of US market survey download the American Digital Media Consumers – Movies, TV, and Music: Sentiments and behavior and U.S. Digital Media Consumers eBooks and Gaming: Sentiments and behavior

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*An AAA game (usually pronounced “triple A game”) is an informal classification used for video games with the highest development budgets and levels of promotion

[1] Predictions for the Biggest Gaming Trends of 2017