eMarketer’s latest global ad spending forecast shows the rise of mobile across Latin America. In today’s post we take a closer look into the data

Interesting numbers Total Media, Digital and Mobile Internet Ad Spending in Mexico, 2014-2020refer to Mexican market where digital will account for nearly a quarter of total media ad spending in 2016, and will rise to nearly a third of the total by 2020. As eMarketer reports, this year, about one in 10 ad dollars in Mexico will go toward mobile placements, a figure that will rise to about one in four by 2020.

Mobile spending is on the rise also in Brazil, where it will reach 6.0% of the total this year, almost doubling up from 3.2% in 2015, and reaching 19.1% of all ad spending by 2020.
In Argentina the growth continues with slower pace: it will account for 4.0% of total paid media spending this year, doubling its share in 2015, and reaching 17.2% by 2020.
An insightful article by mobyaffiliates.com entitled “Mobile Advertising Revenue Forecasts Roundup” gathers data from different sources and it refers to global adv landscape, including the three above mentioned countries, so be sure to check it out.