We take a closer look into the key factors behind the growth of the content driven marketing, and its main medium: the video

It’s all about the content… still. The famous saying from the mid-nineties “Content is the king” can be fully applied to the contemporary world of digital marketing. The traditional marketing budgets are being completely reallocated to content marketing efforts because in 2015, successful businesses (digital and non-digital) are the ones able to seize the contextual shift in the digital landscape and make a leap from content marketing strategy to the content-aware organizations.

The most important change is that the value does not come from content creation and publication but from its distribution. The strategic distribution of content and optimizing for search and mobile are setting businesses apart in today’s competitive landscape, as pointed in Forbes’ insight on 2015 top marketing trends. The goal, by all means, is exposing the marketing efforts to the maximum number of people. How do you do it? With video, of course! Video today is a key medium allowing people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, with a peerless reach.

Let’s take a closer look into some of the latest video content marketing statistics.

  • 80 % of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019 will be video traffic, up from 64% in 2014
  • 72 hours of new video is uploaded by users every minute on YouTube
  • 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others
  • 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with best ROI
  • 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communication

In an age of information overload, users seek for a content that is fast to consume and easy to digest. Just like Forester researchers said, “If a picture paints 1,000 words then one minute of video is worth 1.8 million”. But the real goal is to create a so called “clickbaits”: content that gets shared mainly through social media, usually consumed on mobile devices.

The absolute leader in the video content universe is BuzzFeed, with 50 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every week: each video typically last about 90 seconds or less, and they are reaching the incredible 1 billion views per month. And why does the content get shared? Well, BuzzFeed calculated the ‘share sentiment’, knowing that it would mean different things to different targets, and each group would share across their social networks with their own message attached.

Some of the biggest websites cashing in on the social media and entertainment-based trends are Gawker, College Humor and Cracked on a global level, while locally, in Italy market the leader is Fanpage.it, but the competition is becoming fierce with new market entries. One of them is KeKool, recently launched by Neomobile, a portal that brings the most amazing stories from all over the world and the latest viral videos.


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