Up-close and personal with your friendly neighbour – the Cloud


A quick-start guide on cloud computing in Neomobile’s new insight & infographic

Cloud computing is still a buzzword, the exciting “new technology” yet to be discovered. But we often forget that Cloud has been around almost as long as the Internet itself.

We can easily trace the underlying concept of cloud computing back in the 1950s, with the large-scale mainframe computers, accessible through the so called “dumb terminals“, which were used for communications but had no internal processing capacities[1]. Further development was inspired by computing pioneers such as J.C.R. Licklider with the ARPANET[2] and John McCarthy, that foresaw that “the computation will someday be organized as a public utility”. These “mega” computers were adopted by big corporations for multiprogramming and multi-tasking, also known as time sharing[3]. The major technological shift happened in the 90ties with virtual private networks (VPN), offered by telecommunication companies, and increase in the bandwidth. In the last decade, the tech giants like Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft launched their own cloud service that consequently became widely accessible and reliable, marking the beginning of data virtualisation era.


How widespread is cloud adoption actually? We could say that it has almost complete global reach, considering that 95% of people who claim they aren’t using the cloud actually are, but they still don’t realise![4] Whether you are using online banking services, shop online, use social networking sites, play online games, store photos, music or videos online, you are using cloud-based services. Even though there are still some issues regarding privacy and security, we need to agree that cloud has improved the modern computing landscape, challenging us to tame its dynamic nature and achieve the seamless online data and infrastructure management. In the recent survey conducted by Wakefield research, 51% of participants believe stormy weather would interfere with their cloud computing… That is a critical mass of confused people. It’s time to get to know the cloud!

Discover the key facts and figures of the Cloud computing in our new infographic.



Up-close and personal with your friendly neighbour – the Cloud Tweet!

7 % of global data is currently stored in the cloud – by 2016 it will rise to 36% Tweet!

As of 2013, there is over 1 Exabyte of data in the cloud – that’s 1,073,741,824 GB Tweet!

95% of people who claim they aren’t using the #cloud actually are, but they still don’t realise! Tweet!

Did you know that 51% of people believe stormy weather interferes with cloud computing? Tweet!