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Talent Scouting: Neomobile’s Social Recruitment

As one of the pioneering mobile companies in Italy, Neomobile was an early adopter of significant changes that the digital economy dynamics brought to the corporate strategies: investing in talents is as important as business development, marketing or finance. That’s why we are dedicated to nurturing and developing talents that are not only the “best in class” but also those who are highly motivated, brave, passionate, and connected.

As a part of this strategy we are reaching out to our social media channels and launching a Work With Us section on Neomobile’s Facebook page, aiming to our primary target: young talents with passion for all things mobile & digital. Through social engagement and more personal connection with applicants we will offer a more informative and less formal way applying for the desired position. The visitors will be able to Like and Share the job offer directly from the page to their friends who might be suitable for the position. By creating the Job alert the candidates can stay informed on the future job offers.

Apply for the opened positions in Neomobile now!

Visit our Facebook page and discover more:



If still prefer a good ol’ application through website you can always visit

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The Perfect Recipe for a YouTube channel

As the visual content becomes the main trend all over the social web, we’ve embrace the video as the main driver of our 2014 social media strategy. That’s why our YouTube channel will be the canvas for many creative projects we’ve planned.

The first one we’re presenting today, with the refreshed look & feel of our channel, is The Perfect Recipe - a metaphor for our dedication and willingness to render the world of mobile and digital technology a bit more viewer friendly. And yes, it is also a video recipe for tasty tiramisù, coffee-flavoured Italian dessert.

We bet you’re curious to find out what ingredients we used and what quantities, so you’ll have a simple thing: subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for more exciting content to come.

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The Editors Choice: Top 3 Tech Blogs

If you are addicted to digital culture you probably have your favorite news sources, tech wise. But in case you stumbled on our Blog and you’re feeling curious, check out our recommendations and start exploring the exciting world of technology.


Mashable is a blog, founded in 2005, that today is one of the leading sources for news, information and resources. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. The blog has 20 million unique visitors and 6 million social media followers, making it one of the most engaged online news communities.

Check out!

Daily updates in various categories, such as Social Media, Tech, Business, Lifestyle and Entertainment.

Social highlight

Mashable has over 20 social media  channels with constant updates. Check out the complete list and we’re sure you’ll find the channel that suits you the most.

We recommend

Mashable has a very interesting Pinterest channel, with almost 1.5 million followers and 42 Boards, from “Tech & Gadgets” to “Nerdy Desserts”. Be sure to check it out!


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How To Create A Perfect Tweet

Essential tips & tricks for an effective tweet 

At first glance 140 characters could seem insufficient, but once emerged into the world of social media you realize they give the endless possibilities. If you have some basic skills of course!

So where to start? Above all dedicate some time to your tweet: each good project initiates with a good idea, so you need to think your message well. Find the right keywords that convey the essence of your message and with the right call-to-action you’ll grab the readers attention. Weather you ask a question, invite to react or simply offer a key point that needs to be analyzed further, be sure to provide a functioning link, to connect your tweet with the content. The linking should be flawless since it’s the essential web operation, to quote George Siemens,

“Connecting and communicating – the purpose of the Internet”.

Check out Tips & Tricks for the perfect Tweet in our new infographic.


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Is the future of mobile social?

Neomobile’s insight: how social media are reshaping the mobile

The evolution of mobile devices is driven by our desire or even necessity for owning a personal portable social hub – smartphones and tablets with features that enable content creation and real-time sharing. Our life, an endless content source, through our devices, is transforming us in editors and publishers, and the rest of the digital world becomes our audience.

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