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How Onebip has addressed web security measures for insecure content


In this “Tip of the Month” I will focus on a security measure which has recently been introduced by the major web browsers to reduce the threat of man-in-the-middle attacks and improve the online security for users browsing on the web which eventually made the Onebip team review our connections over which we are processing thousands of transactions every day as an online payment processor. I’d like to take this opportunity to explain what these new web security measures are all about and how Onebip has taken the steps to make sure that our content is confirmed as secure in the eyes of the web browsers to ensure that our payments are processed as usual.

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The Spanish crisis is over! It’s time to monetize!


We have been through a tough time since the economic crisis hit Spain in 2008. However, in light of the latest 2013 year end results, it seems there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel (and this time it´s not a train about to crash, swiftly running against us!) Spain’s Minister of Economy recently announced that the Spanish GDP rose up to 0.3% in the last quarter, finally shifting the negative trend of the last two years.

The Spanish market

The Mobile industry is certainly aligned with this changing trend.  According to the latest figures published by CNMC (Comisión Nacional de los Mercado y la Competencia [1]) in Q3 2013 revenues from the Premium SMS business increased up to 31.5 Million Euros, representing more than a 15% increase when compared to the previous year, being the most relevant inflection point since the peak of 146.5 Million Euros reached back in Q1 2009.

In view of this changing pattern, I strongly believe that it´s a good time to invest in Spain. Various reasons makes this market particularly interesting:

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Take Advantage of Onebip’s data intelligence


“Tips of the month” includes product features and updates that Onebip partners can take advantage of to improve their mobile payment offering.

This month, we’d like to share with you some tips on how you can take advantage of Onebip’s data intelligence via Onebip’s API and online reporting panel.

Real-time statistics and data collection

The Onebip API (available on the Onebip website) gives you the possibility to access real-time statistical data for all the events that happens during a billing process and integrate this data into your stat tool. You can configure your back-end programmatically and receive a notification every time a billing event occurs with a detailed status update starting from the initiation of the payment until the payment is completed by your customer. In the case of a subscription billing event, you will receive a notification with the status of the service which will give you data such as whether the service has been activated, renewed or if the user has cancelled the service. Similarly, in case of a failure of a billing event, you will receive a notification with the detailed failure explanation which you can collect and analyze to help you understand customer behavior.

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Mobility can change the world, starting with Istanbul

For many people,  Istanbul is a “bridge-city” between the past and the future. Both physically and culturally.

In Istanbul, you can sleep in a neighborhood of 1000′s of years full of Greek, Latin, Italian and Ottoman buildings. The next day, you can wake up and make your breakfast in one of the luxurious streets under the skyscrapers of tomorrow.

It is a city with millions of people living in one continent and working in the other. It is a city where  people are travelling to the Princes’ Islands with boats inside the city for their weekend holidays.

So, it is a city of mass transportation with a population of 14 million people!

Mass transportation with Cars, Mini Buses, Buses, Metro, Railways, Trams, ships and … ferries.

2.5 million people are using “ferries” to reach the Princes’ Islands in Istanbul every year.  They usually have to buy their tickets with cash from the box office at thePiers.

Not anymore, thanks to Onebip by Neomobile.

Starting from today, Turkcell customers can text “MARMARA” and send it to “3444” to buy and receive  their mobile tickets for Istanbul Ferries.  And thanks to automatic gateways deployed at the piers, they can easily validate their mobile tickets by just showing the screen of their phone to the cameras.


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