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Neomobile Brazil – Interview with Pietro Gianquinto

This week, we are pleased to present Pietro Gianquinto, the Brazil Country Senior Manager at Neomobile. Pietro will give us insight on what it’s like to work at Neomobile.

How did you arrive to Neomobile?

After my work experience in Canada, I was looking for an opportunity to work in Italy and my friend, Claudia Curto, told me about a position that opened up at Neomobile for a media planner. I did five interviews and at the end the company decided to hire someone else. After 3 months they contacted me again for an internship position to work in the Spanish market. At the time we were divided into 3 teams: WAP, Web, and TV. I was part of the WAP team. That’s where my adventure in Neomobile began.

What is your professional background?

Before Neomobile, I worked for advertising agencies and in Television as a copywriter, creating campaigns for brands. When I started working at Neomobile, my creativity was very useful when working on mobile campaigns, but I started to work with analytics, and after working in many areas within the company, I completely changed my professional background.

What is your regular workday like?

I usually arrive at the office around 7 to take my Portuguese lesson (I arrived in Brazil just 3 months ago from Mexico, so I’ve never studied Portuguese before). After that, I drink coffee and analyse the first numbers coming from HQ to take immediately actions and coordinate my team’s activities. After that, I make calls with my colleagues in HQ, carriers and partners.

What is the most interesting/rewarding project you have worked on?

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Inside the world of Mobile Payments – Interview with Tim Green

If you’re passionate about the world of mobile payments you’ve surely came across the insightful and often witty articles by Tim Green, the expert in mobile payments journalism. Tim was the longtime Executive Editor of Mobile Entertainment Magazine and currently he’s Editor in Chief of 2 web sites dedicated to mobile payments: Mobile Money Revolution and The Mobile View – be sure to check them out. We’ve talked with Tim about the past, present and the future of mobile industry, with a special focus on the mobile payments industry.

What was your first mobile phone? Did you expect, back in the days, that mobile will change the world and user behavior in the way it did?

I had a Motorola 2G phone back in 1996 I think. I didn’t use it much to be honest. I suppose I only started to think about the ‘mobile computing’ potential of phones when Nokia launched its first N series device and began talking about multimedia computers. But even then, few of us could have seen how Apple and Google would change the nature of mobile.

What were in your opinion the turning points in the evolution of modern cellphone?

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Mobile industry – the Spanish point of view

Interview with Agustin Llorente, Neomobile’s Spain Country Director, on the current state and the future challenges of the mobile industry in Spain

The Spanish economic market is finally recovering from the period of crisis. What will be, in your opinion, the role of mobile industry in this process?

As explained on a recent article posted on Onebip blog it seems that, in light of last results, Spain is indeed on its recovering phase. The crisis in Spain finds its main origin on the collapse of the Real State bubble so new business areas and sectors should consequently become the new fuel of the boost replacing old models. We are certain that the mobile industry can play a key role now, lead by the top tier operators based in Spain (Movistar, Vodafone and Orange) together with companies like Neomobile, who brings an added value to the mobile ecosystem. The socio-economic contribution of the Mobile industry to the Spanish economy is considerably relevant in terms of GDP, public funding (due to the spectrum fees and other direct and indirect taxes) and the growth of qualified employment.

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Is HTML5 your best bet for monetisation?

Onebip‘s Massimiliano Silenzi in an interview for Games Brief on the challenges and opportunities of HTML5 and mobile monetization.

Deciding on whether to build your mobile application on HTML5 (web based on a mobile browser) or on a native app (one which is built specifically for Android or iOS for example) is an ongoing debate, and the answer really depends on who you talk to. In fact, the industry as a whole remains largely undecided; a recent Gartner report based on 478 developers in North America and Europe found developers were spending 41% of the their time on native app development, 24% on the mobile web, and 22% on hybrid apps.

Perhaps I myself even fall into this undecided category, but when I put my gaming hat on, the debate immediately shifts towards the importance of striking a balance between the ability to monetise that app, alongside the ease of development and the user experience.

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Inside Mobile games – Interview with Laurens Rutten, CEO of BoosterMedia

What is trending in the mobile gaming industry? How are HTML5 and cloud-based game streaming changing the global landscape? We talked with Laurens Rutten, CEO of BoosterMedia, a mobile games distribution company that recently strengthened strategic partnership with Neomobile, about the state of the mobile gaming.

You have a strong background in mobile media industry. Why did you decide to focus on mobile gaming?

I founded BoosterMedia a few years ago when I noticed that the ‘online games model’ for PC web, playing web-games on Facebook, for example or on gaming websites, did not exist for mobile. Instead, mobile users were basically forced to download their games from big app-stores only. But with the arrival of HTML5, it became possible to publish games via mobile websites, app-stores and all sorts of other channels, using a single source-code. While games itself were relatively new to me, publishing and distributing content via different mobile channels worldwide was something I had been doing for many years already. BoosterMedia’s ambition is now to become the number one HTML5 games distribution company worldwide.

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