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The State of the Mobile and App Economy in Italy

Neomobile presents an insight and infographic on some of the most relevant facts & figures from the Mobile & App Economy research, focusing on the Italian Mobile market and its impact on the national economy

Mobile market represents a dynamic and evolving industry, with the increasing positive impact on the digital economies, both globally and locally. In Italy the overall impact that Mobile industry has on the national economy is showing the important growth. The results of the recent Mobile & App Economy research conducted by Politecnico di Milano, show very interesting data regarding the value of Mobile economy: it is currently estimated at €25 billion, but experts predict that by 2016 it will be worth €40 billion, arriving to 2 % of the GDP. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key finding from this research.

The Italian Mobile Ecosystem

The key factors that are currently powering the Italian Mobile ecosystem are:

  • Device sales: the smartphone and tablet sales in 2013 arrived to 37 million and 7.5 million respectively, and will reach 45 and 12 million by 2016
  • Development and expansion of mobile networks: Mobile broadband connectivity in Italy guarantees the quality of service, with the LTE providing high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals, now covering the half of the mobile market
  • Increase in Apps quality and quantity: in 2013 there was the significant increase in the overall quality of the Apps, with improved User Experience compared to web apps; today there are close to 2,5 million Apps and over 2,5 billion downloads since the launch of App Stores

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Online dating evolution

Discover how online dating has changed from bulletin boards to dating apps in our new blog post and infographics

The history of “sorting in pairs”, as one of the basic characteristics of human kind, evolved in a very curious way over centuries. In the past, the compatibility criteria had little or nothing to do with the actual choice of a partner, as it was often depending on the social and economic status, or it was pre-established by certain protocols.  We fought for the freedom of choice and we won many battles (although there are still numerous “war zones” worldwide). The Internet age profoundly changed the possibilities to seek and meet a potential partner/date. It gave us the possibility to showcase our digital self and calculate our compatibility through algorithms. But above all, it gave us an alternative way of searching for the right person.

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70% of You is Infographic

Neomobile briefly looks back at the history behind infographics

“Complicating is easy, it is difficult to simplify”

[Bruno Munari]

“Without constantly scanning, scrutinizing and absorbing what goes on around you, you cannot become a successful designer”

[How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul]

Maybe it’s appropriate to say that the world of 2.0 is saturated with visual images and messages hoping grab anyone’s attention. The written word is losing its value, especially when addressed to an individual walking in a hurry along the city streets who has little time to devote to himself or those around him. All you have to do is take a look at Times Square in New York or Piccadilly Circus in London.

In order to communicate with a user, messages must be quick, clear, direct, simple, minimal, and especially eye catching. That’s where infographics come in, information simplified by combining text and images.

But let’s start from the beginning.

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Freebies by Neomobile #4 – Cinema Inspired Icons

A gift from Neomobile, Freebie series: free icons inspired by the world of movies for your web site and mobile design

Did you notice lately that surfing the web has become a much more pleasant experience? The “content is king” still dominates the web, when it comes to quality websites and blogs, but we can also notice that designers spend more time creating beautiful templates and icons that help create the perfect experience.

This week’s Freebie series will help the “beautification” of your website: we have created a set of icons inspired by the world of cinema. We hope they’ll be useful for your web/mobile design and that they’ll save your time.

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Freebies by Neomobile #3 – User Interface template

A new gift from Neomobile: freebie series, web and mobile UI template

Today we have prepared one more great tool for your web and mobile development projects: free and customizable User Interface template, that can be very useful for your websites and applications design. This kind of free resource can significantly speed up your workflow, leaving more time for technical testing and implementation.

You can download the fully editable PSD file here and don’t forget to check out our previous Freebie series with set of icons inspired by mobile and social media.

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