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Andean Region: Neomobile’s GloCal business in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Discover Neomobile’s success story in Andean Region that combines international expertise and local understanding in the rapidly developing mobile industry

In just 6 years Neomobile has become a leader in all the major mobile markets in Latin America, with strong presence through offices in Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Bogotá. Together with the local mobile operators, digital merchants and app developers we have created a unique business ecosystem that fosters this growing mobile economy.

Take a closer look with us at the emerging Andean countries, their mobile markets and our company’s local presence, with our Andean Countries Manager Andrea Grijalba’s help and expertise.


The hottest mobile trends in Andean region: “smart” & connected

Andean telecommunications market has been constantly growing in the past eight years, allowing the significant improvement of mobile services due to several changes in the IT sector. The most important trends that are driving this development include the launching of 4G/LTE technology, mobile number portability, the arrival of new MNOs and new government policies to promote mobile network access.

The numbers behind this incredible boost of mobile communications speak for themselves: over 100% of penetration rate – mobile subscribers have grown faster than population itself. For instance, in Colombia, as Andrea confirms, there are more than 50 million mobile lines and “only” 47 million people.

One more crucial trend is related to the smartphones acquisition. For Neomobile, the increase in the devices purchase is fundamental for the mobile internet subscribers growth, as it allows creation, advertising and monetization of mobile services and virtual goods.

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Neomobile in Germany

Neomobile continues the global expansion and announces the new office launch in Cologne, Germany. The Company will focus on the vast German market, that is actually the largest mobile market in Europe with 115 million mobile subscriptions.

Neomobile’s offering will be aimed at local brands and media companies that are seeking for a way to distribute and monetize their digital products and services, through our expertise in mobile payment and marketing, and our global carriers network.

Click here to read the Spanish version of Neomobile’s new office in Cologne, German

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Neomobile corporate web site in Japanese and Chinese language

Neomobile proudly announces the launch of the updated versions of its corporate website in Japanese and Chinese language, dedicated to the Asian markets. With a strong leadership in Europe and LatAm where the Company has exported its successful Italian business model since 2007, now looks at Asia to scout for Partners aiming to develop mobile monetization via carrier billing, in its core markets and in the new business initiatives in South East Asia. These markets are driving the global mobile growth: Asia today accounts for 42% of global mobile revenue – equivalent in size to North America and Europe combined.

Asia is a key market for our core business, in terms of partnerships and market presence. That’s why we felt that a more immediate communication channel is needed, to address our present and future partners, merchants, operators and users. This week our will also be at the biggest event for the casual games industry Casual Connect in Singapore, to promote our Onebip mobile payment service.

New websites are available at the following URL and

For more information on Neomobile’s participation on Casual Connect please visit


Singtel and Onebip offer merchants Direct Carrier Billing in Singapore

Singtel and Onebip by Neomobile have partnered to offer merchants the most advanced billing technology for mobile payments – Direct Carrier Billing in Singapore.

This partnership will allow Singtel subscribers in Singapore, to charge purchases from Onebip merchants directly to their mobile phone bills.

Benefits for Onebip Merchants:

- More advanced carrier billing technology

- Higher pricing flexibility

- Better commercial conditions

- Increased conversion rates

- New and increased revenue stream

- Support to enter or develop presence in Singaporean market with local promotions/marketing.

For more information read the full Press release or visit Onebip Blog.



Neomobile HR management powered by Cezanne OnDemand

BitMap, a network that covers the world of Information & Communication Technology, recently dedicated  an insight on our company and our Human resources strategies.

In just 7 years Neomobile has grown from a Startup, with just 12 mobile enthusiasts, to a global Mobile commerce Group with 300 employees and 14 offices worldwide. This relentless growth was followed by a carefully designed human capital management, which is the main focus of BitMap’s article, including the interview with our HR Manager, Enrica Lipari, that we bring here, in its English version.

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