Brazil: the land of football, rhythm & mobile technologies


Neomobile has been one of the mobile commerce pioneers in this Latin American country, also thanks to the partnerships with local carriers


Last week we have published an article about the situation of the mobile market in Brazil. Data show that in Latin America Brazil, which is the largest economy of the region, is still one the most important countries for the mobile sector, thanks to its 271 million mobile users, and a mobile penetration of 134% (smartphone penetration is 26%): Brazil is the #5 smartphone market in the world, representing almost one third of all the mobile users in Latin America.

The land of 2014 World Cup is also one of the first countries where Neomobile settled its office. It was in 2008 when the Company decided to explore this South American country, by opening a brand new office in Sao Paulo, its first one in the region, a metropolis considered the Brazilian high tech capital.

Neomobile in Brazil: Sao Paulo our first Latin American office

In the beginning, only few people were working to launch the first mobile entertainment services in the market that today became an important Neomobile’s team: the international group of 15 people, is composed of Brazilians and many other nationalities, because we believe in the importance of sharing skills and ideas between different cultures as an important asset for our company. Neomobile Brazilian office and people will be our focus in one of our next posts, so stay tuned.

The Company started its activities in Brazil in 2008, with pure mobile entertainment services. In 2010 we acquired Zero9, another company with an important presence in the market, becoming the leader in the country. During these years the offer evolved to a complete portfolio of mobile commerce products, including mobile entertainment, but also mobile payment solutions to sell virtual goods, thanks to our proprietary platform Onebip. We became one of the first companies promoting this innovative payment method to Brazilian carriers, contributing on the growth of mobile payment revenues.

The importance of the partnership with local carriers

Carriers are one of the most important players for Neomobile as main partners for our business worldwide – see how Neomobile works with carriers and other partners in this video:

70+ are the markets worldwide where Neomobile is connected directly to carriers or through aggregators.

In Brazil, the Company has strong relationships with all the main operators: TIM Brasil, Claro, Vivo and Oi.

Tim Brasil and Neomobile share the same Italian roots, and the strong relationship started since the beginning of operations. During the last years our partnership brought to the development of a new mobile entertainment services with a big focus on smartphone users.
Claro is another precious carrier with which Neomobile has created a strategic partnership thanks to the relationship with the America Movil group that allowed connections with other Latin America countries, to promote our mobile services.

And last but not least, Neomobile offers mobile solution on Vivo (Telefonica Group), leader of the market with a strong focus on new innovative products, and OI, important player with an impressive  growth in terms of generated revenues.

Our services

Today Neomobile offers several types of entertainment products to the Brazilian users, starting from the most classical services such as games, music and videos, to HTML5 solutions and video platform services focused on smartphone users, which is reaching a huge penetration in the Brazilian mobile market.
These services are offered to mobile users thanks to our know-how in mobile advertising: we focus our investments on mobile internet traffic working with main affiliation networks, but especially on Google, where we are a top investor and pioneer in the market, launching with them the first SEM and Display mobile campaigns.

We asked our CEO, Gianluca D’Agostino, his opinion on the importance of Brazilian market:

“Since the beginning, Brazil has been a key milestone in Neomobile’ s global strategy. This dynamic market represented a crucial place to start our business in Latin America, where we became an absolute market leader thanks also to a series of M&A deals.

During these years we were able to ride the positive tech evolution transforming and adopting our mobile offer also thanks to our strong relationship with carriers, which is one of our main strengths for our business in the country.”

The future is really bright for this country, where mobile will see an incredible boost and Neomobile will be there ready to ride this wave of technological evolution that will be growing faster than other countries.

Check out this infographics with latest data on Brazilian digital & mobile landscape: