Discover how social media are becoming one of the most important factors in brand promotion, customer loyalty and CMR strategies [infographic]

There’s no question that technology has greatly evolved over the past years. Media outlets have continuously been invented and re-invented, giving everyone around the globe better news sources, entertainment, and ways to communicate across borders and time zones. Whether it is the transition from books to e-books, radio to music streaming apps, or board games to videogames apps like Angry Birds, one thing extremely clear: the world has gone mobile.

However, the transition into the mobile age affects more than just the media consumer. Corporate branding, for example, has been one of the areas of business that has undergone most change.

In the past, brands would record, broadcast or publish commercials about their products and services on newspapers, radio or television. Today, brand names still use catchy and provocative content in audio and visual form. Except that top companies now push their brand identity on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other major social media channels.


Neomobile on Social Media

As a global Mobile Commerce Group we know dynamic the mobile industry is. That’s why we are always adjusting our communication strategies to follow current trends. On average, over 15% of our blog readers are mobile users, and most of those users reach our blog through social media channels. Not only did these numbers push us to share our content with mobile fans on our official channels on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it also pushed us to make sure we create the best responsive layouts for our content so that everyone can enjoy our infographics, videos and articles from their desktop, tablets and smartphones.


Creating Dialogue

It’s fun to share news on social channels, but it is even better to start a dialogue! Social media offers us a way to communicate in real-time with mobile enthusiasts around the globe. It allows us to learn from other experts and create an online environment where everyone can share info and thoughts about the mobile industry. Neomobile enjoys sharing the latest stats in the mobile industry through creative infographics and videographics on Pinterest. We also enjoy snapping “Neomobile Kodac moments” and sharing them on our official Instagram account! Check it out.

Social Recruitment

If more consumers are using social media on their mobile phones, chances are that so are our future hires! Neomobile’s HR Team is always recruiting and searching for the perfect candidates. We have created a dedicated Twitter account to promote open job positions and career related tips to attract tech and mobile savvy candidates.

Neomobile also reaches out to potential hires on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Our career page on LinkedIn has a new suite of features, such as a blogging tool, 9 job slots (three job slots for entry positions and six job slots for senior positions), and a special Career Page with international custom content in Italian, English and Spanish.


Most people around the globe use Facebook, which is why Neomobile decided to open a “Work 4 Us” section on our official Facebook Page. This strategy has helped the company recruit young talents with passion for all things mobile & digital. It also offers job seekers many key features to help them with their job search. Visitors can Like and share any job offers with friends who might be interested in a position. You can also create a job alert to stay informed about the new openings.

How Biggest Brands Use Social Media

Damage Control

With the emergence of social media, one thing is for sure: crisis management is a bigger priority for companies today than it was years ago. In 2014, all it takes is a simple hashtag to make or break a company’s reputation. Sometimes, all that can save you is how you choose to respond. Take the famous store, Target, for example. In 2013, this company encountered a data breach that left customers worried about their personal data. Target remained open about the dilemma and posted updates on Twitter to keep customers informed. Their commitment to transparency calmed customers and helped rebuild trust.

Customer Service

Microsoft, American Express, and various airlines are on top of their social media skills when it comes to providing customer service. It seems almost every industry is making their customer service available on social media. Take a look at the image below at the top 10 industries that are socially devoted to customer care:


Some have even mastered the skill responding quite quickly. KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines, promises to respond within 60 seconds and also states that they can respond in up to 10 languages.



Fun Fun Fun

Having a sense of humour can get you far if it is part of your branding strategy. Some companies like South West Airlines know how to entertain followers by using clever phrases accompanied by vintage photos or videos. Their ability to put a smile on a customer’s face through social media is just one way they have been able to win their customer’s loyalty.

On the other hand, companies like Starbucks like to invite social media users to participate in a contest with their mobile. Their use of the hashtag #WhiteCupContest invited coffee lovers to submit pictures of decorated paper Starbucks coffee cups.


The increase in mobile users has pushed companies to become more creative in finding ways to create mobile friendly content, customer service and brand identity on social media.

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