Companies that are actively using social media know that brand advocacy is one of the most valuable drivers, for both business and brand identity. Discover with us who are the “Brand Ambassadors” and how you can empower your colleagues to become your top brand promoters

The recent statistics are undoubtedly showing that people’s trust is shifting from corporate websites to social media and the word of mouth: people often value authenticity as more important than content, and they tend to trust friend’s posts and recommendations over brand or company’s statements.

The motivation is quite simple:  the people are experts on brand and products, and their opinion is extremely valuable and trusted by the people in their networks, both private and professional. And when a person is passionate about their job, they embody the brand itself, and they can provide credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility to a brand. Today, the most immediate way to do this is trough social media, and actually the employee advocacy is one of the latest forefronts of social media management trends, as the line between personal and professional online presence is becoming thinner.

Some social channels such as LinkedIn, as the biggest global professional network, are offering an excellent context for quality brand advocacy. Due to the more personal nature of this employee network, brand messages are shared eight times more by employees are than when shared by the brand. This is why empowering the employees to master the usage of this channel can have dual advantage: an individual can establish a position of authority on their area of expertise within the community, and on the other side it makes corporate brand more valuable, increases brand awareness, and of course improves the online reputation.

Neomobile is a company with a highly motivated tech savvy team – this provides a key opportunity to turn engaged employees into a brand ambassadors. And how do we do it? Trough a learning process, of course.

This week in our HQ was held the first training entitled “LinkedIn Essentials: how to build a perfect profile”, aimed to amplify our colleagues social media intelligence, and empower them to deliver a truthful and successful corporate & brand communication.

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