Our company joins Big Beyond Programme in Africa, with a mission to achieve positive impacts and change lives in local communities, and provide an authentic volunteering experience for its employees

Neomobile and Big Beyond are collaborating in a remarkable project: our colleagues will have the opportunity  to join the programme in Africa, immersed into a completely different culture and engaged with the empowerment of local communities.

Volunteering is an exceptional activity, it combines the skills and enthusiasm of the volunteers, and best interest of local communities, in an incredible context of African nature.

Why did we choose Big Beyond and why are we so enthusiastic about this project – discover in this short video


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Find out more about Neomobile’s community projects, visit www.neomobile.com/csr/community-projects/

A bit about Big Beyond

Big Beyond is a social international enterprise created in 2011, headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, with no political or religious affiliations and with the aim of creating and implementing high-impact volunteer experiences.

Working in this environment is certainly challenging at times, there are real problems to solve, but that’s what the Big Beyond team like doing. They offer a great level of autonomy to volunteers to truly integrate into the team, developing and supporting sustainable solutions to real challenges in rural Africa.

Meeting with local women farmers with Bwindi forest in the background
Big Beyond – Meeting with local women farmers with Bwindi forest in the background [Uganda]
They are focused on building capacity – of local people and our volunteers. They do not set tasks for the sake of a volunteer programme – they genuinely unlock the potential of available human resource and integrate their knowledge, energy and talent to create sustainable project impact in neglected places.For more information please visit www.bigbeyond.org