App developers don’t byte… 🙂 they are explorers and researchers, the masterminds behind your favorite apps and they might even teach you some amazing life hacks. Meet Neomobile’s App Dev Team: Alessio Scudieri, Carlo Pelliccia and Marco Del Gobbo!

Tell us a bit about your background, what did you do before entering the app development world?

Carlo: I was in the enterprise development world, designing and writing server platforms and web applications.

Marco: I was in front of my monitor, hitting the “any” key.

Alessio: I was a student, I began my career as an Android developer.


What are your favorite programming languages and tools?

Carlo: Which is my favorite language depends on what I have to develop. Generally speaking Java is the one in which I am more fluent, but I wouldn’t call it my favorite if I have to develop a 3D engine. My favorite not-strictly-development-related tools are Slack, Trello and Toggl.

Marco: My target is solve problems and build things, so I use the tools that helps me more to reach this goal. Anyway, I have a limited knowledge so, whenever I have a choice, I tend to prefer something new and take a walk out of the famous “comfort zone”. I’d like to play more with my Raspberry Pi and learn more about the dark side (MS .Net framework). My favorite tools are Slack and Notepad++ for sure.

Alessio: My favorite, and most used language is Java, but I’m also in a complicated affair with PHP. My favorite tools are Android Studio, SOAP UI and Push Woosh.

Our Favorite Lean Pizza

What are you currently working on?

Carlo: In this moment I am supporting the team more as a facilitator rather than as a developer: I keep an eye on everything, I contribute to the planning, I perform some tech design, I try to detect problems before they happen, I do some politics, I manage the most bureaucratic parts, I motivate Alessio and Marco to do the real work so I can relax and attend a Pilates course, and so on. Nevertheless sometimes I have to write some code for the projects we follow. Phew!

Marco: At the moment I’m working mainly on the brand new app project back-end and our advertising platform. In my spare time I’m developing an app and a website, both of them just for my personal satisfaction.

Alessio: At the moment I’m completely dedicated to the same app project, both client and back-end side.


Tell us a bit about your team dynamics in Neomobile? Highlights & biggest challenges

Carlo: Our team dynamics are smooth as oil. Both Alessio and Marco are long term colleagues and friends, so everything is easy and fast. The best part of the whole thing is that we have a lot of fun working together: we never take ourselves seriously, even when working very focused or when in a rush. This simple trick helps in keeping the work lighter and it creates a healthy environment around us. Talking about the extended team, I mean when we are working with a business development counterpart, we apply the same philosophy. It ends up that we are contagious, and everyone working with us is usually hilarious and relaxed. Of course, being funny it’s not the whole thing, otherwise we would be just clowns. The other important highlight is that we are able to deliver things that work within a reasonable time, and that’s because of experience, organization, accountability and love for things well done.

The biggest daily challenges are related to the fact that we are always involved in three or four projects at once. I don’t think this is a bad practice, as some others do, but honestly it’s hard to do it without being very stressed. We try to use time boxes as much as we can, in order to avoid conflicts and multi-directional pressures. Being proactive helps in reducing people around your table, since you don’t need to be pushed every time and you can organize your work independently. If you can do that, working on multi-projects is great: be sure that you’ll never get bored by your job. Anyway, the biggest challenge ahead of us is that we want this team to grow without losing its nature.

Marco: I totally agree with Carlo. As a team of just three people and a lot of tasks to do on different projects we should be stressed… Indeed we are. But we help each other, we trust each other and, most of all, we try to make today a better day. So, in our attempt to have a good day, we just play: play with tools and languages to develop products, play with words to have a laugh, play ping-pong to relax. I’ve to say that this won’t be so easy in a different environment. I mean… We have a ping-pong table and a giant Spider-Man graffiti in our relax area! Having worked in some other companies (from larger to smaller ones, PA or privates) I can say that here in Neomobile you can find smart and professional people everywhere, you can have a laugh with everyone, you can play ping-pong whenever you want: you can transform every moment in a good moment. It’s something you can appreciate just when you find it or when you’ve lost it. Can we have a basket backboard?

Our Work Is Based On Trust

Alessio: As they said, the strength and the success of the App team is the collaboration, always! Phrases like “this is not my problem” or “this is not my task, I don’t care” do not exist. We always face the problem together, and just like Daltanious that is made by three different robots, together we are stronger than their simple sum.


What do you think about the current state of global app market?

Carlo: It’s nearly saturated, but still full of opportunities if you find a smart way to solve a user problem.

Marco: I have to agree with Carlo, again. This is the advantage of not being the first to speak!

Alessio: It’s already saturated, and it’s time to move on the next step of human evolution, the Virtual Reality.


iOS or Android?

Carlo: Both. But Android more.

Marco: Both. But Android more. (Tnx Carlo!)

Alessio: Android, Android, Android. It’s clear, isn’t it?


A word on the boom of startups

Carlo: That boom is coming to an end. But that’s not bad: valid ones will survive and prosper, new ones will rise in a more organic way and the whole ecosystem will find a healthy balance.

Marco: Startups are the new “New Economy”! Seriously, I like the approach to the work that this “new economy” is bringing.

Alessio: Sooner or later I’ll try it! 😉


How many times a friend offered you a “lifetime opportunity” to create an app based on their idea? (Did you ever do it?)

Carlo: Plenty of times, but I never did it without being paid. Yes, I’m quite “easy”, 50 front-end, 100 back-end 🙂

Marco: Plenty of times, never did it. I don’t trust “lifetime opportunities” because they just don’t exist, so I always preferred a good friend to “having bad luck working on a lifetime opportunity”. But “opportunities” exist: you have to be already prepared, you have to work on them and pay the price. If you want X you have to pay X, no shortcuts. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” (Seneca)

Alessio: A lot of times, but almost everyone want to make “soldi facili” (easy money), and I don’t believe is possible.


What are top 3 ways to annoy a software development team?

Carlo: Useless long meetings, pro forma activities and bad food.

Marco: Useless meetings. Asking him/her to repair your computer. Bad coffee. Not having a basket backboard.

Alessio: BLA BLA BLA meetings, and repetitive and useless tasks.

Never Stop Learning

How to keep a developer happy?

Carlo: Put him in a funny environment, let him play with fresh technologies and give him cuddles!

Marco: Make him play with interesting things while building something that matters and drinking an excellent espresso from their new personal coffee machine… while thinking to the basket backboard waiting for him.

Alessio: I love to try a new technology stuff, and programming it to a non-conventional use. Last but not least, the shooting fights with nerf gun against unarmed colleagues.

Mr Coffee


This team will very soon become richer with one more member, so stay tuned for more updates to come. Like what you see and want to join our team? Check out the latest job positions in Neomobile! Visit


*Editor’s Note – few days after this interview was made the Corporate Communication Team decided to take a quick action and provide one small source of happiness to our App Dev Team in the form of toy basket backboard… until we get them a real one! 🙂