PubMatic’s Quarterly Mobile Index (Q1 2016) reports that Android app inventory value up nearly 150% YOY, as advertisers seek to target the majority of global mobile consumers

Thanks to the billions of daily impressions that flow through their platform, PubMatic, marketing automation software company, observes real-time developments in the mobile space that allude to broader digital industry trends. Their quarterly mobile index is an important report when it comes to  information sharing and aligning the digital industry towards best practices.

One of the key trends that emerged from this analysis is that Android app inventory prices grew the most in Q1 2016, up 147% year-over-year compared to an increase of 62% for iOS app. Even though the Apple app inventory still garners a higher price, Android app CPMs are catching up, demonstrating that Android app has become a more valuable platform for advertisers.


The report pinpoints two key factors for this growth: the dominance of Android smartphones market share globally, as they outnumber iPhone users nearly 6:1, and the vast range of high end devices that are attracting new users, very often ex iPhone owners. These two factors are the main reason why Android
apps ads are becoming more attractive for advertisers trying to reach in-market consumers in a number of key ad categories.

Furthermore there is a strong rise in CPMs on both platforms, primarily due to increasing advertiser demand for mobile app inventory, as buyers seek to target more engaged mobile app users. The analysis concludes with the notion of the engaging mobile app environment that fosters more interactive formats and better targeting through geolocation and device ID data, which translates into higher value ad impressions.

For more information visit and download the PubMatic’s Quarterly Mobile Index (Q1 2016).