All you need to know about the latest Instagram AD features and how they are changing the future of brand advertising [Infographic]

With over 400 million users Instagram is the second biggest social media, leaving behind the likes of Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Considering that just 3 years ago, when Facebook acquired the photo-sharing app, it had “just” over 40 million users, it had an incredible growth, that is of course attracting advertisers who want to reach a mass audience. As a matter of fact, Instagram will reach $600 million in advertising revenue by the end of 2015, according to eMarketer.

Recently Instagram launched 3 new features that will surely increase already growing revenues (TechCrunch):

  • after the launch in core markets, Instagram ads are officially available globally, for all 400 million users, and instead of only working with big brands, the platform is now open to businesses of all sizes
  • Instagram is approaching TV and online advertisers with more standardized formats and buying options: the ads now last up to 30-seconds, rather than just 15 seconds, and use landscape dimensions instead of just squares
  • they improved calls to action, such as “Shop Now”, “Install Now”, “Sign Up”, and “Learn More” with clickable ads, in different industries that include travel, entertainment, ecommerce, and retail

The potential for Instagram to become a major advertising business was something Facebook had foreseen even before the acquisition. Facebook’s advertising technology and connections with brands allowed Instagram to achieve important numbers in just 3 years. Types of ads themselves are contributing to the success, since they manage to blend perfectly into one’s home page.

If you are thinking to start advertising on Instagram you will find the step by step guide on Instagram Help Center and Facebook for Business page.

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