3 great reasons to start your corporate blog today


Neomobile’s introduction into the world of corporate blogging

Storytelling makes the web go around! We didn’t even notice it, but the transformation of marketing happened right before our eyes, as Seth Godin noticed well,

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

The need to shout out your brand name, your products or your skills has been replaced with the need to engage in a dialogue, while listening carefully your public responses.

Corporate blog has become a powerful communication tool that builds and promotes brand identity and sense of engagement. In order to succeed it must be both broadcasting and listening tool, capable not only to generate traffic but to inspire readers to come back. In a highly competitive web environment, with numerous corporate channels on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn, blogs are using their most powerful weapon that other media lacks: the possibility to publish quality content that is not limited by the number of characters, image size or sharing conditions.

Reaching out to your audience actually means being found: the best method is creating synergy between the blog and the social media. This is the strategy that we adopted: original and high quality content created for corporate blog, shared trough social media that have higher reaching and engaging powers. After just one year, Neomobile Blog reached thousands of readers worldwide that shared our content across the web.

In case you’re still having some doubts here are some of the main benefits of corporate blogging that might convince you to start your own blog:

  1. Community creation – blogging, as a part of inbound marketing strategy, is a perfect way to engage with your clients and to acquire new ones, by means of simple interaction
  2. Brand building – brand value is one of the most important corporate assets; once created it can be maintained and improved through blogs, since they provide a personal contact with the readers and give a human voice to your company
  3. Traffic generation – with the right social media strategy, your blog will drive traffic to your web site and allow higher search engine ranking, and we know too well that SEO is the Holy Grail of online interaction

The best way to sum up the benefits and value of business blogging would be quoting Brian Solis, a well-known public relations expert, author and long-time blogger[1]:

After much personal research and experience, I’ve found that a genuine, helpful, humanized blog, combined with the art of cultivating and building relationships, can forge real connections, shape perception, improve customer service, and enhance brand loyalty, reach and resonance.


Discover some interesting facts & figures regarding the corporate blogging in our new infographic.


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