As 2015 comes to an end we have gathered some of the most important numbers from the mobile industry, including global smartphone sales, device and OS market share and state of the app economy [Infographic]

The modern digital ecosystem is based on mobile technology. Mobile is driving innovation, development of new services and creation of new devices, with the skyrocketing sales numbers, app downloads and data traffic consumption, as confirmed by numerous market researches.

Worldwide smartphone sales in Q3 2015, according to Gartner, have been strongly influenced by the continued demand for affordable smartphones in emerging markets. Global sales of smartphones to end users totaled 353 million units, a 15.5 percent growth over the same period in 2014. When it comes to market share Samsung continues the overall dominance, but continues to compete with Apple in the premium segment of the smartphone market, while Huawei remains on the third position, continuing its growth momentum, driven by smartphone sales in both its home market and global markets. Furthermore, Android is dominating smartphone sales by operating system, with almost 85 % of the market share.

Google and Apple are also leading the app store battle. The number of apps available as of July 2015: Android users were able to choose between 1.6 million apps, while Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with 1.5 million available apps. (Statista)

Check out our new infographic and discover more interesting numbers that marked 2015, and that show that mobile industry will continue to scale rapidly in 2016.n