Enjoy the magic of our 2015 communication creations in our video…2016 is coming and will be even more magical!

In 2015 we produced a wide variety of content – articles, infographics, pictures, videos – about the digital and mobile industry, agile, life @Neomobile and so on.
Neomobile is on its path to become a Lean and Agile company, we have already started working on this topic and in 2016 you will find more and more content and insight about it.

Check out all our posts about Agile!

We have also talked a lot about our fantastic life @Neomobile: the brand-new learning week, our sporting club, interviews and of course people in Neomobile.

Have you visited our HQ in Rome? What? Not yet? Ok, start with this virtual tour on Google map and enjoy our offices: big open spaces, glass walls, comfort zone…the best place to work for!

We wish you happy holidays and a great 2016…with us!