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Why Videos have a Bright Future in Mobile Advertising

Video Advertising sees boom on mobile devices

The rise of smartphones and tablets has brought us new opportunities in terms of advertising. One such opportunity has taken shape through the development of promotional videos for mobile devices. The effectiveness offered by this marketing channel is the reason why companies like Facebook are currently working on video platforms designed to serve the needs of the corporate world.

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All projections point to a significant growth in this market. According to a study by eMarketer, investment in video advertising for mobile devices in the U.S. will grow considerably over the coming years. It is estimated, in fact, that by 2017 30% of ad spending on digital videos is intended for mobile devices (1).

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The State of the Mobile and App Economy in Italy

Neomobile presents an insight and infographic on some of the most relevant facts & figures from the Mobile & App Economy research, focusing on the Italian Mobile market and its impact on the national economy

Mobile market represents a dynamic and evolving industry, with the increasing positive impact on the digital economies, both globally and locally. In Italy the overall impact that Mobile industry has on the national economy is showing the important growth. The results of the recent Mobile & App Economy research conducted by Politecnico di Milano, show very interesting data regarding the value of Mobile economy: it is currently estimated at €25 billion, but experts predict that by 2016 it will be worth €40 billion, arriving to 2 % of the GDP. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key finding from this research.

The Italian Mobile Ecosystem

The key factors that are currently powering the Italian Mobile ecosystem are:

  • Device sales: the smartphone and tablet sales in 2013 arrived to 37 million and 7.5 million respectively, and will reach 45 and 12 million by 2016
  • Development and expansion of mobile networks: Mobile broadband connectivity in Italy guarantees the quality of service, with the LTE providing high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals, now covering the half of the mobile market
  • Increase in Apps quality and quantity: in 2013 there was the significant increase in the overall quality of the Apps, with improved User Experience compared to web apps; today there are close to 2,5 million Apps and over 2,5 billion downloads since the launch of App Stores

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Singtel and Onebip offer merchants Direct Carrier Billing in Singapore

Singtel and Onebip by Neomobile have partnered to offer merchants the most advanced billing technology for mobile payments – Direct Carrier Billing in Singapore.

This partnership will allow Singtel subscribers in Singapore, to charge purchases from Onebip merchants directly to their mobile phone bills.

Benefits for Onebip Merchants:

- More advanced carrier billing technology

- Higher pricing flexibility

- Better commercial conditions

- Increased conversion rates

- New and increased revenue stream

- Support to enter or develop presence in Singaporean market with local promotions/marketing.

For more information read the full Press release or visit Onebip Blog.



Neomobile’s weekly roundup

Top weekly news from the mobile & tech industry selected by Neomobile


Mobile Payments to Rise 40% This Year, Juniper Research Finds

A new report from Juniper Research has found that the value of global payments via mobile devices will reach around $507 billion this year, a rise of nearly 40% year-on-year.

The report – Mobile Payment Strategies: Remote, Contactless & Money Transfer 2014-2018 – found that growth would continue to be driven by purchases of physical goods via mobile devices. Average transaction sizes over tablets are already exceeding those via desktop PCs in many markets. It also observed that while spend via smartphones was increasing sharply, their primary function in retail was as search and discovery devices with the final purchase being made on the tablet.

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Talent Scouting: Neomobile’s Social Recruitment

As one of the pioneering mobile companies in Italy, Neomobile was an early adopter of significant changes that the digital economy dynamics brought to the corporate strategies: investing in talents is as important as business development, marketing or finance. That’s why we are dedicated to nurturing and developing talents that are not only the “best in class” but also those who are highly motivated, brave, passionate, and connected.

As a part of this strategy we are reaching out to our social media channels and launching a Work With Us section on Neomobile’s Facebook page, aiming to our primary target: young talents with passion for all things mobile & digital. Through social engagement and more personal connection with applicants we will offer a more informative and less formal way applying for the desired position. The visitors will be able to Like and Share the job offer directly from the page to their friends who might be suitable for the position. By creating the Job alert the candidates can stay informed on the future job offers.

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